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At its core, nobroker is simply a list of apartments you can rent in NYC without dealing with a broker. Learn more ›

But Why?

Aren't there already 5,000 sites out there for apartment hunting?

Probably more like 6,000... StreetEasy, Naked Apartments, the list goes on. But the problem was, we couldn't find a central repository of apartments you can rent without going through a broker. We didn't want to deal with the sketchiness and the fees.

What's the difference in "no fee" and "no broker"?

When filtering by "no fee" on other apartment sites, you still typically have to go through a broker, who is then compensated by the owners. Neeta Mulgaokar said it best: "The broker is still getting paid, whether it’s by the landlord or the tenant. Tenants often try to shirk broker fees, but what they don’t realize is that the landlord is taking it into account what they're paying the broker when creating the price of the rental. Unless you’re going directly to the landlord - a fee is being paid."

What else should I know?

We only list apartment buildings that have an onsite leasing office, or one nearby. When you find a place that fits what you are looking for, easily setup a showing through our site. Skip the middleman.

Unless you’re going directly to the landlord - a fee is being paid. Neeta Mulgaokar

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